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Characterised as ambitious and passionate Graphic Designer specialised in Textile Printing, I live for making cool things in all kind of ways, shapes, forms and colours, preferably in collaboration with a bunch of fun people. My work is known to be playful, tactile and colourful.

Besides my artistic passion; I'm gathering new interests and skills in Circular Design, Textile Innovation & Leadership.

In 2014 I moved to Beijing, China; a decision that has a profound and lasting impact on my life, resulting in a desire to further develop a dialogue with China (and the rest of the world) on matters like Creativity, Innovation, Sustainable Textile Production and Textile Printing and Design Ethics.

I’m continuously looking for new challenges, projects and inspiring people to collaborate with, working towards positive change. Please feel free to drop me line at, I’m always up for a chat!

For access to commercial portfolio's and CV : contact me below at 'OPEN FORM' to receive the password to Commercial.